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And there’s no remedy for memory
Your face is like a melody
It won’t leave my head …

— Lana Del Rey, “Dark Paradise”

… which is to say, my story “A Remedy for Memory” is live on Empyreome. Thank you for reading, if you do!

P.S. While you’re at it, may I suggest you try the other stories in the issue? I am personally very fond of “Oscars on the Rue Jules Verne.”

Story sale!

Apr. 7th, 2017 11:46 am
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I am very happy to announce that A Remedy for Memory, a short SF story about love and memory and the perils of mixing them together, will be in the July 2017 issue of Empyreome Magazine.

I love all my children equally ... said the parent of one child (and this is true, she said, in Peter Sagal's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me voice). But in all earnestness, A Remedy for Memory represents something special to me, not least that I don't know when to quit. I wrote my first version of this story back in 2009, and since then I've lost count of the number of times I revised or completely rewrote the piece. I was going to rewrite it again--I still have the outline in my Google Docs--if there were no takers this year. But I am beyond happy that someone does want it.

As for the story sitting in my revised outline, I still plan to write it, or something like it, one day. Like I said, I don't know when to quit.
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"A Study in Bronze" is now live!

(In fact it went live three months ago and I was so swamped that I DID NOT POST THIS. BAD AUTHOR, NO BISCUIT >_<)

ANYWAY. "A Study in Bronze" is my retelling of Sherlock Holmes (Arthur Conan Doyle-verse) combined with a fairytale that I shall not name because spoilers.

In the great city of London, on the busy thoroughfare called Baker Street, atop a stone pedestal, facing the dilapidated flat of 221B, stood a bronze statue of a man. An Inverness cape draped over his shoulders, a deerstalker cap sat on his head, and in one hand he held a pipe.

Every day, thousands of Londoners walked past this statue, neither knowing nor caring who the man had been. Only curious children stopped sometimes to inspect the plaque below his feet, whose eroded letters barely formed the words:


Read the rest at Mirror Dance!

If you read it, thank you ♥ and please do check out the other pieces in the Spring 2015 issue! And also the Summer 2015 issue, which is now out!
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"A Study in Bronze" has found a lovely perch home in the Spring 2015 issue of Mirror Dance! I'm quite fond of this story and I really like Megan Arkenberg (the editor)'s writing, so I'm extra happy to be there. :)


Dec. 20th, 2013 09:59 pm
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TOC for Fox Spirit's Girl at the End of the World is out! I'm in the second volume! ♥ ♥ ♥
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And Now, A Message From A Future Sponsor Of This Fine Publication is now online at Eggplant Literary Productions: Miscellanea!

99% of this story came out of me cursing as I struggled to maintain my domain (let's just say--the temptation to type $ chmod +WTF was strong). As I was bashing away angrily, I started rambling to my long-suffering husband about how brain-upload servers in hard SF stories surely have a giant team of techs to deal with stupid software/hardware issues, and yet we never hear about how much bandwidth any brain-uploaded person is allowed per month, and what the TOS say will happen if aliens arrive, etc etc. I decided that this was a real problem. Then I clicked away to watch some Cave Johnson videos (I am a sometimes gamer, and I love all things Valve), which provided the last, greatest 1%.

There are lots of fantastic stories in the Miscellanea crop, and should you have the chance, do check them out!

Kara Lee. We're done here.


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