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Dec. 3rd, 2016 10:48 am
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I had a hectic week and apparently it depleted my resistance to attacks against will (but LBR it's not like my Char or Wis scores are that high to start with ...) because yesterday I tripped and bought the PDF pattern to Moon Pulls, a gorgeous lopapeysa-inspired sweater, along with an online order of Lett-Lopi yarn for knitting it (I didn't buy the cashmere yarn ... yet.)

This will be interesting because I am petite (5'3") as well as--not to put too fine a point on it--not a cylinder. So customization is mandatory in all sweater patterns. I had previously sworn up and down I was only going to do top down raglans in the future because it's SO EASY to adjust the most troublesome measurement areas for me. Also because seaming is the worst. So really, what I did last night shows that I had completely taken leave of my senses. XD However, the pattern very thoughtfully provides line drawings with all the measurements for all the sizes, so hopefully I should be able to mix and match? Thank you, Dianna Walla, for being so considerate of non-fit-model figures.
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Blue baby sweater with toy giraffe, school bus, and block

I don't get a lot of time to knit, so it's always special when I finish something. This weekend I bound off / washed / blocked my Mother of Pearl sweater, which is pretty much the sweetest little thing. (I prefer simple shapes in clothing, and until Bean has the words to tell me what she likes, so does she by proxy. Haha.)

Knitting is by far the biggest competitor for my writing time (the relatively quick gratification is so nice as a writer!), and if good yarn weren't so expensive it would win a lot more often. So you see, Madelinetosh et al's price points are a good thing ...

For any knitters who may be reading this: I made the 1 year old size with a lot of adjustments. The yarn was Dream In Color Classy (worsted) in the blue sulk colorway, which is obviously very different from my photo—I think they changed it though, because my yarn does not look like that at all, even allowing for lighting/monitor differences. Anyway, you can find the details on my Ravelry page.
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... is knitting while watching television, which has always doubled as dinnertime with the Spousal Unit. Now it's triply efficient! I might even have my Backbay sweater in a few more months at this rate. Next in my queue is the Mother of Pearl sweater for Bean, whose birthday is conveniently enough in the fall.

In theory I have always liked the French People As Depicted In Lifestyle Books approach to savoring life and food (usually as a metaphor for life), but 1) it presupposes a level of contentment that I will never achieve, regardless of finances or responsibility levels, and 2) actively partaking in leisure requires actual effort, plus it's an art unto itself, one I have not perfected. And 3) my superpower is that I can turn anything into work, as you see here. XD
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Slowly wrapping up all my knitting projects (in preparation for a bigger knitting project, not because I'm quitting knitting - ha ha ha). Here is my favorite so far, a scarf I made for myself!

Photograph under cut! )
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I've been having a productive knitting month!  The last weeks I've finished a scarf (for me), almost finished a hat (for a friend), and I've also finished this beauty for a friend:

A Zoidberg hat with tentacles and (fake) googly eyes

I used this pattern, from Ravelry!  For the knitters in the audience: I did the whole thing using only a 16" circular needle, DPNs need not apply. I happened to have only bulky yarn, not aran, so I adjusted some of the stitch counts, but I didn't adjust all of them and it came out fine.  Feel free to PM me for the exact numbers I used. If I were to do it again, I would make the tentacles longer.  Also, I would add a mouth opening under the tentacles, so that one could eat a baklava while wearing this balaklava. Wub wub wub wub …

In other news, the last weeks have been filled with the trainwreck joy that is searching for a new day job while still having a day job and while trying to get some modicum of writing done.  I managed a 7500 word piece that is currently sitting in my critique group's queue.  While I wait for feedback, I'm going back to an older WIP that gave me a lot of trouble--I'm on the third draft of this sucker, but I've finally got it--and I'm making some progress.  It's probably going to be novelette length, which is a new thing for me!  I shall persevere.


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