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Me: I've been wanting to read a story about a baby ghost who is calmed with a ghost pacifier! Shouldn't there be 1000 of those stories?

Spouse: I don't know of any.

Me: What? That is so obvious, it should be a cliche.

Spouse: *staring now* I think your mind works ... differently ...


Anyway, all this is to say: if that story exists, someone point me towards it. Please no outright horror, I have an 8 month old! Bittersweet okay, although I would prefer sweet. Please and thank you! Or, if you like this idea, feel free to steal. I would love to read it when complete. <3
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And Now, A Message From A Future Sponsor Of This Fine Publication is now online at Eggplant Literary Productions: Miscellanea!

99% of this story came out of me cursing as I struggled to maintain my domain (let's just say--the temptation to type $ chmod +WTF was strong). As I was bashing away angrily, I started rambling to my long-suffering husband about how brain-upload servers in hard SF stories surely have a giant team of techs to deal with stupid software/hardware issues, and yet we never hear about how much bandwidth any brain-uploaded person is allowed per month, and what the TOS say will happen if aliens arrive, etc etc. I decided that this was a real problem. Then I clicked away to watch some Cave Johnson videos (I am a sometimes gamer, and I love all things Valve), which provided the last, greatest 1%.

There are lots of fantastic stories in the Miscellanea crop, and should you have the chance, do check them out!

Kara Lee. We're done here.


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