May. 1st, 2016

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Because I have no time. Ever. My life is a series of half-assed efforts made in a blur of exhaustion. It's a miracle any of them work out.

I have got to give ginkgo a try.

But who cares, because The Traitor Baru Cormorant is so, so interesting. Why haven't, like, The Economist and Planet Money (and their ilk) covered this book yet? Rhey're exactly the experts who understand best that "a sensible monetary policy" is a basic tool of conquest and empire, and could probably tell you all the stories in history where this happened, and then some rando politician swooped in afterwards to collect the credit ... or the blame. I feel like they should be doing a jig over this book existing.

(This is emphatically not a rec, more of a nascent book report. XD)

I'm not sure whether I like this story because it harps on topics that I'm interested in, or because I like it for itself. Baru would probably snort and say it doesn't matter. So that's that.


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