Apr. 13th, 2016

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So the Spousal Unit wandered by my comment in [personal profile] yhlee's post about how I Photoshop fake book covers for myself, and he complained, "If you're gonna say that, you have to give examples. Pics or it didn't happen!"

Well, it feels a bit narcissistic for me personally to upload fake book covers of my stories in public so I'm not going to post those. (But if you actually want to see a couple, PM me. I'm always happy to show off ... in private.)


A few years ago a friend of both myself and Spousal Unit came up to us and said, hey you read a lot of SF, there's this book that I can't remember. Here's the plot, do you know it?

And my friends, it was an AMAZING PLOT. More amazing than anything I have ever conceived.

"it's in the southern us, and people are searching for a great general robert lee (but it turns out to be a chinese robert lee) w/ a chicken against central planners controlling an entrepreneurial computer personality that founded a rebellious transport company."
So this was inevitable. And yes, I did the "shitty gold bezel letters" on purpose. I sent it off to him with a note about how this was a scanned cover of the book from a helpful librarian. (He took it well XD)

cut for an enormous cover image )

We never did find the book and are convinced that it's something he dreamed up. But hey, you never know, so drop me a line if we're wrong XD


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