Mar. 9th, 2016

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So I finally read Kings Rising. This is, I think, the first thing I've managed to read to completion after having Bean. ACHIEVEMENT.

Anyway, I wish bookstores had a “Hot BL Trash In The Best Way Possible” genre because 1) that’s where CP/KS belongs, and 2) where can I find more of it in English, the hard work of translating is a real buzzkill when you’re trying to properly enjoy some hot trash.

Thoughts AND SPOILERS to follow XD

If you saw my Tumblr posts, this is the same content. )

BUT the most important outcome--for me as a reader--is that after thinking about Captive Prince through the lens of Dorothy Dunnett, I am now able to back-read Dorothy Dunnett … through the lens of Captive Prince. And let me tell you Dunnett got way more bearable once I mentally tagged it as Actually (Historical) Hot Trash.

(I have this weird hangup where I kind of assume everything needs to be read and critiqued through a lens of Serious Business, which is obviously untrue for so many reasons, but it’s very hard for me to turn that off especially when it’s, well, written as well as Dunnett’s books are. Coloredink tells me my hangup is called “overthinking it” and those of you who follow me on Twitter are free to implode in laughter.)


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