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Kara Lee ([personal profile] sputnikhearts) wrote2017-05-30 03:22 pm
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Bloomers for a Bean

A toddler in shorts, with the head cropped out.

I love sewing but don't usually have enough uninterrupted free time for a project. So on Memorial Day, I treated myself to a morning spent making Wiksten bloomers for my almost-two-year-old Bean. Three hours to make and three weeks to outgrow! If I'm lucky.

Now for a brief review of the pattern, followed by process photos under the cut. I consider myself an adventurous beginner (applies to sewing and pretty much the rest of my life). The pattern was perfect for my level. Highly recommended, especially if you have a small human on hand. If not, perhaps you will make a relative or friend very happy.

Paper pattern pieces cut out and taped together.
The cut out pieces of the pattern, taped together and ready for action.

Cut fabric with pins for sewing
Fabric, after cutting & pinning. The hardest parts!

Wiksten bloomers (leg openings not finished)
"Where the #$%@ did I stash the rest of my elastic?"

Wiksten bloomers, finished
The finished bloomers!

I enjoy many creative endeavors but sewing and knitting are special to me. I think it's because of the unspoken the guarantee of the craft: if I do all the preparations and follow all the instructions correctly, I will end up with exactly what I intended. For this writer, that is the true treat above all treats.
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[personal profile] illariy 2017-05-30 07:35 pm (UTC)(link)
This looks so cute! I would love to sew panties for myself and have even found a cute pattern on Etsy (not bought yet) but I am intimidated by the application of the elastic. How did you find that? Was it very difficult?
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[personal profile] illariy 2017-05-31 05:29 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh, that is good to know! I think I have some small safety pins and if I don't, I might easily organise some. Thank you so much for the tip! :D